The next Broke Arts Fair will take place on November 19th 2016 at Town Hall (1 Grove St, Peterborough NH) from 10-4pm. It's free, all ages, and open to the public. We hope to see you there! The Broke Arts Fair is a multidisciplinary arts event that began in Peterborough, NH in 2008. The Broke Arts Fair philosophy is simple: art is for everybody. All Broke events are free to the public, and vendors commit to presenting ALL of their products for less than $50. You can expect to see a wide array of artworks and wares. We love giving people the opportunity to buy artwork directly from the fine people who made it. Some examples are: prints, collages, soft sculpture, wearables, and independent record releases. All applications are reviewed by a jury of our board members. Please keep in mind that your work will be evaluated primarily based on the images that you provide. 


Broke applications for our November 19th event are NOW OPEN! Applications will be accepted through September 30th.

The photo gallery at the bottom of this page features artists and vendors who exhibited at the June 11th show. 





  • The Glass Museum reserves the right to refuse the application & participation of any applicant. We cannot provide specific feedback on your application if you are not accepted. 
  • Our vendor tables are 8' long folding tables. A full table space is 8'X2' and costs $70. A half table space is 4'X2' and costs $35. Applicants are asked to share their table size preference, but space is limited and we cannot guarantee your first choice.