Working with the Mountain has been amazing.  Their understanding of what we are trying to do, and their belief in our vision has been empowering on many levels.  This is a corporation that embodies what all business should strive for.  Obviously profit is of utmost concern when running a business, but the Mountain puts it's customers, employees, neighbors, and the environment not in any kind of hierarchy below profit, but all at the same level.  They set an example of responsibility, pride, and long-term thinking.  We are proud to partner with them once again for the 2013/2014 season.  Be sure to check out the Mountain table at Broke this fall, as well as in the Spring! Read more below:

The Mountain® has had a long history of creating t-shirts that stand out in the market place. This is because we are a fully integrated manufacturer right here in the USA. With our in-house design, dye and print facilities we have always had the ability to push the limits of making t-shirts that go beyond the conventional. This, coupled with offering an array of custom value added services and unparalleled customer service has made The Mountain® a legendary provider of t-shirts for our retailers. Our goal is to ship our customer’s orders within 24 hours.


Be sure to check out the Waterhouse while you are in town!  On 11/22, we'll be hosting a trivia night there, playing records, and it will be a Glass Museum fundraiser too!  In the month of February, Wednesday nights will be Glass Museum nights as well!  And of course, during The Thing in the Spring 2014, there will be music and promotions each night of the series.                                      

Waterhouse is a Peterborough restaurant with a classic yet modern menu and a scenic riverside location. Waterhouse has become a destination for celebrations and special occasions, as well as a peaceful respite from the daily grind.    Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary or simply kicking back with a burger and a beer after a busy day, our gracious staff will take great care of you and provide the only the highest quality food, drink and service.


Joseph's Coat is a shopper's paradise in Peterborough, New Hampshire for those who value quality handcrafted items and the stories behind them.

We think small and local in a global way -- buying from individuals and small co-ops so the craftspeople directly benefit from the sale of their creations.

We specialize in helping our guests find the perfect gift for themselves and everyone on their list. Whether your budget is $10 or $50, we have thousands of whimsical, practical, decorative and just plain cool things to choose from. Where else can you shop from more than 35 countries?

We encourage browsers.



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Our Media Sponsor!

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