Here are some videos from 2014 and 2015 shot by the venerable PONY PROBLEMS!

Here are some great videos shot during The Thing 2013 by the folks at Pony Problems / Tinyradars:::

All of the videos below were shot and edited by Mr. Tim Gurczak!

J Mascis & Matt Valentine "Make It Right" live at the Thing 2011

Flowers And Cream (Thurston Moore) "Illuminine"

live at The Thing 2011

Happy Birthday "Girls FM" live at The Thing 2010

The Low Anthem performing "Smart Flesh" live at The Thing 2009, two years before it was commercially released.

Damon & Naomi "Cruel Queen" live at The Thing 2008

Dredd Foole live at The Thing 2008

Meg Baird covering Kurt Vile's "Classic Rock In Spring" at The Thing 2010

Daniel Carter joins Paul Flaherty and Randall Colbourne for a one-off at The Thing 2008.

Atoms, Motion & The Void with music from Redwing Blackbird at The Thing 2009.

Ian's rooftop fanfare, opening The Thing 2010.

Graph live at The Thing 2009

Wooden Dinosaur at The Thing 2010

Redwing Blackbird at The Thing 2009

Tell Stories & Christine Hayward live at The Thing 2008.